Whisky vs. Whiskey13 Dec

While creating this site I poured (get it) a little bit over spelling it “whisky” or “whiskey.” Of course, I went with the term with the higher search volume and figured I’d write a little content on it another time. Here’s another time.

In doing some research, I was very happy to find the problem had already been thoroughly investigated (whew) by Eric Asimov at the Times.

I think the end result is… cater to your readers. Whatever you prefer, dear readers! As an American, I went directly for the ‘e’ and it’s kind of set in stone at this point.


Granite Ice – Whisky Stone Alternative?13 Dec

I’ll keep it light… from the site:

Granite Ice are freezable granite cubes which replace natural ice for ‘cool’ drinks. You simply slip the purpose-crafted wooden tray containing the 10 smooth-edged granite cubes into your freezer … and 20 minutes later you have ice cold “ice” for your drink.

Might make for a good alternate option? These guys have been around for a few years but I haven’t seen a lot of info on them.

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